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H&N airgun pellets: Accuracy for ambitious shooters

Your guarantee for success: H&N airgun pellets for utmost accuracy.

H&N airgun pellets are distinguished by narrow shot groups and clean-cut bullet holes. The special alloys of our airgun pellets guarantee minimal lead-fouling. Advantages that you can see and will come to appreciate.


Powerful for hunting: H&N air rifle pellets for optimum target impact.

Where hunting is concerned, what counts apart from accuracy are penetration and deformation. H&N air rifle pellets satisfy even the most demanding requirements from passionate hunters. Our airgun pellets offer the ideal combination of accuracy and target impact – with very convincing value for money.

Popular among hobby shooters: H&N airgun pellets with fun guarantee.

What counts most in leisure shooting is the fun of it – and not least the price too. At H&N Sport beginners and hobby shooters will rewarded with their money’s worth: you have the choice amongst a wide variety of inexpensive airgun pellets.


  • Finale Match Rifle
  • Finale Match Pistol
  • Match Green
  • Match Pistol
  • Match Rifle
  • Sport
  • Baracuda
  • Baracuda Hunter
  • Baracuda Hunter Extreme
  • Baracuda Green
  • Baracuda Magnum
  • Baracuda Match
  • Baracuda Power
  • Crow Magnum
  • Field Target
  • Field Target Trophy
  • Field Target Trophy Green
  • Field Target Trophy Power
  • Grizzly
  • Hollow Point
  • Hornet
  • Piledriver
  • Rabbit Magnum
  • Rabbit Magnum Power
  • Red Scorpion
  • Silver Point
  • Sniper Light
  • Sniper Magnum
  • Sniper Medium
  • Spitzkugel
  • Terminator
  • Präzisionsrundkugel verkupfert
  • Präzisionsrundkugel graphitiert
  • Hunting Sampler .177
  • Hunting Sampler .22
  • Field Target Sampler .177

Lead - the best material for airgun pellets and bullets from the ballistic point of view

Marksman and hunters frequently ask us if lead pellets and lead bullets are still appropriate today. The public discussion is driven by the possible hazards to the health caused by lead. Inhaling lead dust or incorporation of lead is, indeed, dangerous.

Therefore, the most important information for the safe handling of lead is:

Do not eat or smoke if lead particles are on your hands. Wash your hands regularly!

  • Lead - do not eat
  • Lead - do not smoke

Smoking or eating should be forbidden at shooting ranges anyway.

In nature free exposed lead bullets and lead pellets are quickly covered with lead-oxide. This prevents the contamination of the soil.

But why is lead the preferred bullet and airgun pellet material?

There are several reasons:

  • Lead is a soft metal: The barrel wear and the wear of production tools is less in comparison to other materials. Moreover, lead deforms better in the target, transferring more energy.
Lead is having a density of 11.342 g/cm3: Therefore, it is very heavy. A bullet or airgun pellet made of lead retains more energy at greater distances in comparison to a bullet or airgun pellet of a lighter material (e.g. tin).

  • Lead is very ductile: This is true for melting, casting and cold swaging. As a consequence the manufacturing process is cheaper and more complicated bullet or airgun pellet shapes are possible.
Lead compared to similar metals is still relatively inexpensive: E.g. tin as an alternate bullet or airgun pellet material is more than 10 times as expensive.
Lead is very easy to recycle: At H&N Sport scrapped lead pellets and bullets are remelted and reused.

Summarizing the above arguments it is obvious that lead is still the ideal bullet and airgun pellet material. You can avoid any environmental or personal hazard if you handle lead carefully.

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