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Rabbit Magnum Power

Rabbit Magnum Power

Very heavy hunting pellet for long ranges. Unique aerodynamic torpedo design. No contact with lead thanks to special copper coating (20 % harder than comparable lead pellets). Maximum possible impact and maximum penetration. Low deformation of pellet. You can find the ballistic coefficient and the energy values ​​at different distances here!

Attention: Only for PCP-rifles.


Caliber .22 cal. available from April 2014!

Recommanded type of weapon

 Hunting rifle

Ideal field of use

 Hunting, up to ranges of 50 yards

Recommanded min. muzzle energy

 25 J

 18.5 ft.lbs

 40 J

 29.5 ft.lbs






 4,5 mm

 .177 cal.

 5,5 mm

 .22 cal.






 1,04 g

 16.05 gr

 1,67 g

 25.77 gr





Contents of tin





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