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Accuracy for your success: H&N bullets

H&N’s ammunition are manufactured exclusively by cold swaging (compression), where wire is worked under high pressure. This method of processing makes it possible to produce extremely consistent results. Faults that frequently occur in casting, such as for instance, the formation of shrinkage holes or deviations in the form, properties and hardness, are avoided.

H&N Sport produce bullets in three surface coatings:

A) Lubricated (L):
Lubricated and calibrated design, mainly for traditional target shooting with wadcutters. The velocity level of the load with bullets like these should not significantly exceed 320m/s in order to prevent lead fouling and loss of accuracy.

B) Plastic-coated (PC):
An alternative lubricant introduced by H&N some 20 years ago, predominantly for target loads. This procedure allows clean working without fingermarks and prevents exposure to smoke during shooting. The velocity level with bullets like these should not significantly exceed 320m/s either.

C) High Speed (copper-platet) (HS):
This surface finish was introduced by H&N in the 1990s and has today become widely accepted. With this method the blank is electroplated with copper. An additional plastic coating reduces high stress in the case of powerful loads. This is the reason these bullets are also suitable for velocities over 320m/s as well. Full jacketing of the lead core prevents melting and lead abrasion. The soft core of the bullet also ensures that it fits to the barrel profile perfectly and makes it possible to use it at any shooting range. There are extensive load data available for high-speed bullets. 

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