Dust Devil BBs .177 cal.

Dust Devil BBs
Dust Devil BBs

Dust Devil BBs - the safer alternative

Dust Devil BBs are the world's first frangible BBs in .177 / 4.5 mm BB. They shatter on hard surfaces on impact, minimizing the risk of ricochets for which steel BBs are known. Dust Devils are lighter and faster than steel BBs, lead free and usable in magnet-operated magazines.
Dust Devil BBs

Product detailsDust Devil BBs

.177 cal.
4.35 gr
Min. muzzle energy
1.5 ft.lbs
Max. distance
10 m


- pcs.
750 pcs.
1500 pcs.

H&N uses GreenLine raw materials-tin, zinc, iron, and plastic-thus avoiding lead in the overall manufacturing process. As early as 2009, we introduced tin-based, lead-free air gun pellets. As a leader in our industry, we also have taken a leadership role in responsibility for both people and the planet.

Greenline - 100% Lead free

Dust Devil BBs .177 cal.

Dust Devil BBs
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