Prometheus Pistol .177 cal.

Prometheus Pistol
Prometheus Pistole

Especially designed for C02 pistols

The wadcutter variant of the Prometheus is especially designed for C02 pistols. These lead-free, lightweight pellets give great performance in weapons with a muzzle-energy lower than 5.5 foot-pounds.
Prometheus Pistol

Product detailsPrometheus Pistol

.177 cal.
4.94 gr
Min. muzzle energy
2.5 ft.lbs
Max. distance
10 m
Content of tin
250 pcs.

H&N uses GreenLine raw materials-tin, zinc, iron, and plastic-thus avoiding lead in the overall manufacturing process. As early as 2009, we introduced tin-based, lead-free air gun pellets. As a leader in our industry, we also have taken a leadership role in responsibility for both people and the planet.

Greenline - 100% Lead free

Prometheus Pistol .177 cal.

Prometheus Pistol
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