RN .224
45 gr HS

RN 224 45 HS
RN 224 45 HS

Round Nose (RN)

For all types of weapons, mostly used for practical shooting.

High Speed (HS)

  • copper-plated lead bullet with additional plastic coating
  • prevents melting and lead abrasion
  • suitable for all charges for pistols and revolvers, and for reduced charges for rifles
  • velocity level over 320 m/s (Vo) (in hand guns only)
RN 224 45 HS

Product detailsRN .224, 45 gr HS

45 gr


100 pcs.
1000 pcs.

RN .224, 45 gr HS

RN 224 45 HS

Reloading H&N bullets

This book, which appears here in English for the first time, provides both experienced reloaders and beginners with extensive and well-illustrated information about reloading with H&N High-Speed bullets.

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