Baracuda 15 .22 cal.

Baracuda 18
Baracuda 18

Match grade quality

The Baracuda 15 is with a weight of 15.89 grain / 1.03 g the little brother of the Baracuda 18. Like its big brother, it is an utterly precise and effective pellet, extremely versatile and best suited for many air rifles. Of course, it is manufactured in the low weight and dimensional tolerances for which H&N is known. Available in the common head size of 5.52 mm and packed in secure screw-one tins.
Baracuda 15

Product detailsBaracuda 15

.22 cal.
15.89 gr
Min. muzzle energy
12 ft.lbs
Max. distance
50 m
Content of tin
250 pcs.
Hunting use
Medium Game
  • Racoon
  • Hare
  • Fox
  • Prairie Dog
  • etc.
Medium Bird Game
  • Duck
  • Goose
  • Pheasant
  • Black grouse
  • etc.

Baracuda 15 .22 cal.

Baracuda 15
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