Baracuda Green .25 cal.

Baracuda Green
Baracuda Green

Lead-free, lightweight high-velocity pellet

Lead-free, lightweight high-velocity pellet with maximum accuracy for competition and hunting. Almost supersonic velocity with a very flat trajectory for medium ranges. No lead-fouling, improved drive in the barrel, no contact with lead thanks to special tin alloy. High impact and penetration. Smooth.
Baracuda Green 6.35

Product detailsBaracuda Green

.25 cal.
19.91 gr
Min. muzzle energy
18.5 ft.lbs
Max. distance
30 m
Content of tin
150 pcs.
Hunting use
Medium Game
  • Racoon
  • Hare
  • Fox
  • Prairie Dog
  • etc.
Medium Bird Game
  • Duck
  • Goose
  • Pheasant
  • Black grouse
  • etc.
Test with ballistic soap
Weihrauch HW100 (40 J / 29.5 ft/lbs)
Depth of penetration
17 cm
6.69 Inch
319 m/s
1047 fps
10 m
11 yds

H&N uses GreenLine raw materials-tin, zinc, iron, and plastic-thus avoiding lead in the overall manufacturing process. As early as 2009, we introduced tin-based, lead-free air gun pellets. As a leader in our industry, we also have taken a leadership role in responsibility for both people and the planet.

Greenline - 100% Lead free

Baracuda Green .25 cal.

Baracuda Green 6.35
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